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Ellen Lubell works with a wide variety of clients, from universities, community-based organizations and publishers, to start-up nonprofits and individual artists. Ellen’s highest priority is to demystify the legal issues for her clients and develop intuitive, practical solutions. As a solo practitioner, she has developed a team of colleagues with expertise in employment law, litigation, real estate and other specialties, so that she can provide her clients access to a full array of legal services.

Ellen draws from a background as a health lawyer at the Boston firm of Goulston & Storrs, Counsel for Research & Technology Transfer at UMass Medical Center, and General Counsel at Education Development Center. In private practice, she has supported clients across the U.S. and globally.

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Straightforward Legal Advice

Without the bureaucracy and overhead of a large firm, Ellen is agile and responsive. She recognizes the importance of listening carefully to clients, asking questions to deepen understanding, and working collaboratively. When clients’ legal challenges involve conflict, Ellen helps them preserve relationships that are valuable and prudently end those that are not. She delivers straightforward legal advice with efficiency and common sense.

We are so incredibly grateful for your help. You managed to accomplish in a week what we weren’t able to do in six months with our other attorneys, and you did it with such enthusiasm and knowledge that it was actually fun! Thanks to your advice, we’re finally on solid legal footing – and for the first time I feel like I have a good working knowledge of everything we need to do going forward. Thank you!

Casey Woods, Executive Director
Forge Foundation

Is the Firm a Good Fit for You?

Is the Firm a Good Fit for You?

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