Copyright Resources

  • United States Copyright Office—A resource for information about U.S. copyright law and publications, the operations of the U.S. Copyright Office and related congressional testimony. The site provides guidance on how to register and record works for copyright protection, and allows you to search for copyright records dating back to 1978.
  • Copyright Clearance Center—An organization that supports copyright content creators as a rights “broker.” It enables academic institutions and businesses to get permission to photocopy, post and print published works, and enables publishers and authors to approve licenses and track and receive royalty payments.
  • Copyright Alliance—A non-partisan public interest organization that represents artists and innovators across a spectrum of disciplines, including membership organizations, associations, companies, guilds, artists and innovators.
  • Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998 (DMCI)—U.S. law that criminalizes the production and dissemination of technologies aimed at circumventing measures used to control access to copyrighted works.
  • Library of Congress: Copyright and Primary Sources—Guidance for students and teachers on copyright and fair use.
  • Music Publishers Association of the United States: Copyright Information Resource Guide—Guide to searchable databases to composers, titles, publishers, and other pertinent information for millions of musical compositions.
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