Just because it’s nonprofit doesn’t mean it’s uncomplicated

Ellen Lubell provides legal services that encompass the full lifecycle of charities and other nonprofit organizations. From obtaining “501(c)(3)” tax exempt status, to advising on governance, regulatory compliance, and business transactions, she has the depth of experience required to assist a wide range of nonprofit boards and managers.


Nonprofit boards have demanding and multifaceted responsibilities. With years of experience both as in-house and outside counsel, Ellen offers exceptional skill and practical advice on the rights and responsibilities of board members, conflicts of interest, board member liability, “whistleblower” policies, and overall risk management. In addition to assisting boards with the development of bylaws and internal policies, Ellen advises on practices to assure appropriate executive compensation and expenditure of resources so that tax-exempt status is maintained.

Risk Reduction and Crisis Management

Managing risk is critical as organizations grow and change. Boards and senior managers rely on Ellen to help them explore the options for reducing risk when it arises, and to strengthen management practices or other aspects of nonprofit operations to avoid future problems. Ellen’s nonjudgmental approach supports her clients in untangling the issues and making wise decisions.

Regulatory Compliance

To retain tax-exempt status, nonprofits must comply with a myriad of state and federal regulations. Ellen offers knowledgeable, practical advice on compliance on board responsibilities, fundraising, private inurementlobbying, and unrelated business income. For nonprofit clients funded through government grants and contracts, Ellen helps navigate the complex regulations that govern expenditures, reporting, and subcontracting arrangements.

General Counsel Services

Serving as General Counsel to a nonprofit is not just about providing legal advice. It’s about developing a deep understanding of the values, mission and needs of the organization. And about building trust, responding promptly, working cooperatively, and knowing what kind of expertise is needed. With years spent serving as both inside and outside General Counsel, Ellen Lubell has cultivated the essential ability to work well with different kinds of people. She possesses the good judgment that gives clients confidence in her advice. As a solo practitioner, Ellen has developed a team of colleagues with expertise in employment law, litigation, real estate and other specialties to enable her clients to access a full array of legal services.

Ellen is consistently timely and considerate of our non-profit resources. She is quick to understand the legal needs of our board and organization. We are grateful for her expertise and support!

Jenny Gormley, President MA School Nurse Organization 2018 - 2020

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